Our Values

Every client is different and deserves a very personal service

Our values govern the way we work.  This is what we believe, and how we will work with you.

Whether you are acting as a Deputy for a family member, or working as a Case Manager or Solicitor conducting personal injury litigation, you need expert support if you are to ensure the best care for the brain-injured person that you are responsible for.

We believe that great team work and collaboration are at the heart of delivering the very best care to all our clients and their families.  Consistency and responsiveness are important so the service we deliver will be led by someone you'll get to know well, and they will be supported by our highly capable and experienced administrative team.

You need to know that whoever is looking after your case not only has a deep understanding of the legal issues, but that they will also understand the individual personalities, issues and circumstances involved.  You need to be able to rely on them to have the strength, sensitivity and resources to work as part of your support team.  

Our expertise is in Deputyship and Personal Injury Trusts, and we respect the expertise of others working in our clients' support teams. Because we understand the field so deeply we can make life easier by anticipating the needs of the individual, the Case Manager, Solicitors and families - but we won't tread on any toes. Whatever your needs or role we believe in working together in order to deliver the best possible care and support to people with a brain injury. We work hard to make that happen.