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Carers Week 8th to 14th June

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This week is the annual campaign for Carer’s week. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of caring, the challengers carers may face as well as recognise the contribution they make to families and communities.

This year we are being asked to focus on building Carer Friendly Communities. Carers week is full of activities and events throughout the UK which draws attention to just how important carers and caring is. are asking communities to be aware of the part unpaid carers play within their own community. For communities to have an understanding of a carer’s daily pressure which can often be hidden from view. Within a carer friendly community your local services and systems will be able to assist in making caring easier as well as the lives of carers. This can be various services such as hospitals, works places, schools or leisure centres.

Did you know that –

  • Three in five of us will be carers in our lifetime

  • By 2037 there will be 9 million carers in the UK

  • One in five adults have seen their full time work negatively affected

  • 40% of carers have a breakdown in family relationships

  • Carers giving up work is having a cost impact on the economy

  • Six in ten carrs reach breaking point and require medical treatment

To find out more information on how you can help with your community visit

For help and advice if you are a carer visit, they offer advice and support across the country.