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Chris dives 15,000ft with Red Devil in aid of Cerebra

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If you’re going to jump out of an aeroplane and descend free-fall for two miles at 120mph then there has to be a good reason. For me, that reason was Cerebra

When Gareth Owens (Development Officer) mentioned the idea of skydiving it seemed such a good one, especially as I had trained to jump solo many years ago but never managed it; being sabotaged by poor weather.  What could be easier than diving with an experienced instructor who would be doing all the work?  It was the moment that I saw the first of my fellow divers disappear out of the open plane door that I realised that there really was no going back and just for a moment, I wished there was!  But it really was just for a moment because although nothing quite prepares you for that initial tumble through the hatch or the buffeting of the wind, the experience quickly became one of the most truly exhilarating of my life.  

My tandem diver for the day was the reassuringly solid and encouraging Sgt Mark Scobie of the Red Devils who looked after me fantastically well,  even taking the time to point out views of interest on the way down!  I suppose that when you have jumped over 8,000 times, things do take on a slightly different perspective.  Once the parachute deployed things became a little quieter and a little slower but not slow enough because before I knew it, it all was over and after a surprisingly gracefully landing I had returned to terra firma. 

Would I do it again?  – you bet I would and for Cerebra.  Thank you to Go SkyDive and Mark for looking after me so well, to Gareth for suggesting it and for all of those who have donated and supported me! It is much appreciated and i am touched at how generous everyone has been!

... now it's your turn!

To watch my (not so flattering) film of the skydive- click here.