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Drug Driving

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From 2nd March it will now be illegal to drive with certain legal or illegal drugs in your blood system even if you are not unfit to drive. This new rule will work along the existing law of whilst impaired through drink or drugs.

Taking drugs will cause your driving to be affected and this is extremely dangerous. Driving under the influence can affect your reaction times, ability to concentrate as well as cause nausea, hallucinations, panic attacks, dizziness and fatigue. There are also many other impairments.

The government are advising that you talk to your Doctor is you have been prescribed any of the following drugs –

  • Diazepam

  • Methodone

  • Morphine or opiate and opiod based drugs

  • Oxazempam

  • Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

  • Heroin and diamorphine

If convicted of drug driving the penalties are as follows –

  • A minimum of one year driving ban

  • A fine of up to £5,000

  • Up to a year in prison

  • A criminal records

  • Conviction on your driving licence that will last eleven years

You could also face issues with finding employment as any employer will be able to view your conviction on your driving licence. You may also face difficulties in travelling to other countries especially the USA. Your car insurance will also increase in cost.
The penalty for causing death by dangerous driving under the influence of drugs is a prison sentence of up to 14 years.

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