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Office of The Public Guardian- review

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The outcome of OPG’s fundamental review of supervision has recently been published.

It identifies ways in which the OPG can improve the protection it affords to  those lacking capacity through the supervision and support it gives deputies.

This includes a move to supervising according to deputy type: lay, professional or local authority. OPG staff will specialise in one deputy type and so will become more familiar with the particular challenges faced by that group.  New lay deputies will be provided with greater support and improved guidance in the first year of their deputyship.

The report also addresses concerns about charges levied by professional deputies.  New measures will  include targeted assurance visits to professional deputies ( these are already happening ) and their clients, a requirement for deputies to submit annual plans and asset inventories together with work and cost estimates. Hyphen were aware that this was in the pipeline but it is good to now be able to see some of the detail.

Standards for professional and local authority deputies are also being developed.

It is hoped that new digital channels will make services easier to use as well as give the OPG greater oversight.

Many of our current processes and procedures are designed to fulfil these growing obligations but we will be reviewing them to make sure that we are ahead of the game and to ensure that we continue to hold our reputation with the OPG, the Court Visitors and our clients.

A link to the review can be found here.