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Parkinsons Disease

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Did you know that one in every 500 people suffer with Parkinson’s? Did you also know that there is currently no cure but it can be managed with drugs and treatment?

This week is Parkinson’s awareness week – have you done your bit to raise awareness?

Parkinson’s disease is a condition in which a part of the brain becomes progressively damaged over many years. It is caused by a loss of nerve cells in part of the brain called the substantia nigra. This means the brain has a reduced amount of dopamine (a chemical which is vital to regulating the movement of the body) which then causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Although the cause of the loss of nerve cells is currently unclear most medical experts believe that a combination of genetic and environmental factors are responsible.

There are several physical and psychology symptoms, some of these include –

  • tremors
  • stiff and inflexible muscles
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • memory issues

There is an estimated 127,000 people in the UK with the condition, most of these start to develop symptoms when they are over 50, it also appears that men are more likely to suffer with Parkinson’s disease than women.

Parkinson’s disease is currently managed through treatments which help to reduce the symptoms. These treatments often include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and medication. In some case surgery can also be necessary. 

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