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Planning Ahead whilst living with Dementia

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Have you recently been diagnosed with dementia? Are you worried about your finances and affairs and what may happen in the future?

Here are a few points that may help ensure your affairs are in good order - 

Bank Accounts 

To help with deal with all your standing order and payments you can speak to your bank about a third party mandate. This can allow you to nominate someone to deal with your bank and account on your behalf. 

It may be easier to set all bill payments up on direct debits. This means payments are taken automatically ensuring they are always paid on time. Most utility suppliers will offer a discount if you pay via this method. 

Trouble remembering your PIN? Perhaps speak to your bank and consider a ‘chip and signature’ card. 

Your Bank will be able to offer further advice and support to make things as easy as possible for you so make an appointment with them so that you can discuss all the options available to you. 


You and your carer could be entitled to certain benefits, these could include 

  • Attendance Allowance, Disability living allowance and personal independence payment 
  • Carer’s allowance
  • State pension or pension credit 
  • Housing benefit or Council Tax support 
  • Winter fuel and Cold weather payments

It can appear to be complicated but there are organisations which can offer help and advice on what you may be able to claim.

Making Decisions for the future 

As dementia progresses, it may become more difficult for you to make decisions about your health, care and finances. There are choices which you may be able to make now to help ensure that your wishes are handled in the right way in the future. These options can include -

  • Appointing an Attorney to manage your property and financial affairs and make decisions for you when you’re unable to do so for yourself   

  • Appointing an Attorney to make health and welfare decision for you when you’re unable to make them for yourself

  • Preparing an Advanced Directive stating your exact wishes to any specific medical decisions which may need to be made in the future

  • Preparing a Will so that your wishes are followed in relation to the administration of your estate

It’s important to make sure you have your plans in place before your dementia progresses too far and you’re unable to make decisions for yourself. 

Here at Hyphen Law, we can offer advice and support to you and your family to ensure that your affairs are in order.