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The Independant Living Fund is to close on June 30th 2015

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The Independent Living Fund (ILF) will close on 30th June 2015. This Government decision has been ruled lawful by the High Court.  

There are concerns that this will leave disabled people without sufficient financial support which currently enables them to live in the community independently. The support being given has been critical to disabled people allowing them to live in their own homes and in some cases be able to work and study within the community.

This decision has already been overturned, back in November 2013 however the Government has since announced a fresh decision and although challenged this has now been passed. 

What is Independent Living Fund?

  • The Independent Living Fund (ILF) allows financial support to disabled people so that they can live in their communities rather than residential care

  • The scheme currently provides support to around 18,000 people

  • ILF can be used to;

    • Employ a carer or personal assistance to give personal and domestic care

    • To pay a care agency who can provide personal care and help with domestic duties  

  • Awards are based on how much care is required and the cost of this care

  • Depending on the applicants circumstances they may be required to pay towards the care

  • Payments are paid every four weeks in arrears

  • In most applicants cases you must:

    • Be living in the UK for at least 26 weeks of the year

    • Receive social services support worth at least £340.00 per week

    • Be entitled to or receive the highest rate care component of DLA

    • Have less than 23,250.00 in savings or capital, this includes the applicant and their partner

    • Be living independently in the community rather than in residential care

  • Awards are reviewed at least once every two years

  • In December 2010 the funding was closed to all new applicants

  • Current applicants will continue to receive funding until its closure on 30th June 2015


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