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Why has there never been a disabled person on the apprentice?

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Ouch Disability explores the disability world. Their latest article asks ‘Why has there never been a disabled candidate in The Apprentice?’

A valid question when you consider there are some 500,000 disabled people in the UK who are self employed. There are lots of opportunities and advice for disabled people who are either employed or wanting to branch out and possibly become the next Sir Alan Sugar!.

Websites and forums such as offer advice on how to set up your business, offer networking opportunities and share inspirational success stories.

What about if you are unemployed?

The business world is becoming more equipped for employees with a disability however with only half of the working age people with disabilities in the UK being employed there is still room for improvement. The Government offers various support and training to help with finding employment as well as charities offering advice and schemes. The NHS website has guidance and information on where to begin, if you would like more information, click here.


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