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Has your annual supervision fee been paid this year?

If you are a Property and Affairs Deputy for a relative or a close friend, you’ll be familiar with the annual supervision fee paid to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) every April.

The OPG is responsible for checking that you are doing everything you should be doing. The annual supervision fee covers the cost of supervising your Deputyship which involves: making sure you comply with the terms of the Court order and that the decisions you make on behalf of your loved one or friend are in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act and are in their best interests.

As a Deputy, you might pay your annual supervision fee by cheque but it’s more likely that you pay by direct debit which is the OPG’s preferred payment method.

Word of warning

However, a word of warning – we recently noticed that some annual supervision fees had not been collected from Hyphen Law’s Deputyship bank accounts and we contacted the OPG to investigate.

The OPG has now confirmed that they transferred the collection of supervision fees to a third party following their switch to a new payment system in May 2016.  An error occurred during the transfer which has resulted in the collection of payments being delayed or in some cases direct debits being cancelled from their systems altogether.  The OPG is unable to reinstate any lost direct debits until a new direct debit mandate is completed by the Deputies affected by the issue.

Unfortunately the OPG’s system is not detecting any outstanding fees, so if your supervision fees were not paid, you won’t receive a notification of non-payment (it may however be picked up when you submit your annual report to the OPG).

 Our advice

Our advice is to check your Deputyship bank account. If your fee has not been collected and you haven’t paid by cheque, you should contact the OPG as soon as possible. The telephone number for the OPG is: 0300 456 0300.

If you need any help or advice about this issue or require assistance with the completion of your annual report to the OPG or any other matter relating to your Deputyship, you can contact our expert Deputyship team on: 0845 160 1111 or email us.