Providing effective support after brain injury

Our very own Tom Hall is a keynote speaker at today’s brain injury seminar, hosted by Brake, the road safety charity and sponsored by Hyphen Law for the second year running. 

The conference entitled: ‘Providing effective support following brain injury’ aims to share best practice on how to support people with traumatic brain injuries following serious road traffic accidents. Case managers, support workers, clinicians and practitioners working in the field of brain injury will be attending the essential seminar.

Tom is speaking about the vital role Deputies play making decisions about important matters involving property and financial affairs when someone lacks mental capacity due to their traumatic brain injury. 

He said: “Deputies are appointed by the Court of Protection and the role carries considerable responsibility to ensure that all decisions made on behalf of the person you are acting for is in their best interests. You need to consider their needs and wishes as much as possible and you are expected to apply a high standard of care, which may include getting specialist advice from professionals.”

Today’s seminar provides an excellent opportunity for those involved in the care and support of people with brain injuries to increase knowledge, share best practice, network and boost professional development. 

Led by legal experts, such as Tom, as well as medical and psychological practitioners and brain injury charities, the seminar is an effective platform for everyone to come together to provide an overview of the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to treating traumatic brain injuries. 

The day is based around a real-life case study, providing delegates with the opportunity for practical discussion with a range of experts and leaders in their field. A Brake volunteer, who is a brain injury survivor, will be on hand telling their story first hand in a moving talk called ‘My Brain Injury’. 

Jack Kushner, victim support events and marketing officer at Brake, said: “Providing important professional development opportunities is something Brake is very proud of and by structuring this event around a case study, attendees will gain an excellent, practical understanding of the impact of a brain injury. We are incredibly grateful to Hyphen Law’s support for making this seminar possible.”

Christine Bunting, Director at Hyphen Law, said: “We were delighted with how positive the feedback from our 2016 seminar was and are proud to support such an innovative and unique training opportunity again in 2017. Brain injury can have a very distressing impact on an individual, but also affects the lives of their friends and family, with the ripple effect leaving people struggling to cope. It’s therefore essential that all professionals working in the brain injury sector are kept up-to-date on the very latest thinking on best practice, rehabilitation and the current legislative framework.”

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