The Care Act 2014

The act introduced the concept of well-being and is aimed at stopping problems before they begin making sure that information and advice is available for everyone through their local authority.

The following are some of the  key areas covered by the Act:-

  • The provision of support services for individuals must be made with well-being in mind.
  • Assessments  should be available for the carer, as well as the person being cared for.
  • Involving Individuals in assessments for care, and the provision of an advocate if the individual is unable to be involved.
  • The provision of care & support plans
  • Personal budgets to provide tailored care packages.
  • The provision of Direct payments – money to pay for the care you choose, with guidance.
  • Deferring the need to sell a home to pay for care fees
  • Ensuring that all services work  together
  • Differentiating between care which should be provided by the NHS and care that should be provided by the local authority or privately purchased
  • Care provided after leaving hospital
  • Housing service
  • Transition of Children to adult services
  • Prison services
  • Protecting adults from abuse
  • What happens when someone needing care moves from one area to another