D - Road Traffic Accident

D suffered a very serious brain injury and multiple orthopaedic injuries when she was knocked down by a car in 2002.

D’s brain injury left her with very severe impairments which affected her sense of place and judgment and her capacity to make decisions in relation to her property and financial affairs. D eventually received a substantial compensation award which included provision for the cost of care for the rest of her life.

The Litigation Solicitor who dealt with D’s personal injury claim also acts as her Court of Protection Deputy and has instructed Hyphen Law to deal with the administration and management of D’s affairs on a day to day basis.

As part of our Deputyship service Hyphen Law  were able to secure statutory funding from the local authority to assist with the cost of directly employing a team of specialist brain injury support workers. This ensured that additional funds were available to assist with the ongoing cost of rehabilitation including expert therapeutic input and specialist equipment.

At the time of her accident, D had no Will and her brain injury meant that she did not have the necessary mental capacity to give instructions for a Will. This meant that on D’s death her estate would have ben distributed in accordance with law made in 1925.  D was married, had a child from her current marriage, a child from a previous relationship and a step child. The 1925 Intestacy rules make no provision for her step-children to inherit and made limited provision for her husband so if D had died before her husband he might have been forced to leave the family home. 

Hyphen Law were able to instigate and oversee an application to the Court of Protection for a Will to be made on D’s behalf. This Statutory Will ensures  that on D’s death each member of her family will receive an appropriate share of her estate as decided by the Court of Protection.  It also means that D's husband has the comfort of knowing that should his wife die before him he would be able to remain in the family home.

  • If Deputyship is not your specialism it can be challenging as well as time consuming and difficult to deliver a service that is in the client's best interests. Hyphen Law can help.

    AB James, Bristol

  • Christine provided sensible, realistic and measured advice in a calm and authoritative manner. Her assistance in relation to recovering Court of Protection Deputy costs within the settlement terms reached was critical ensuring my client's future affairs will be properly and professionally managed. I cannot praise her sufficiently.

    Mark Pierce, Boyce Hatton

  • I have been supported by the lawyers at Hyphen Law for more than ten years. During this time I have been amazed at the lengths they have gone to to ensure that my son's health and financial well being was paramount. During the purchase of a house for my son and its subsequent adaptation and-modernisation, Hyphen Law have set a very high bar.

    Graham Fulcher

  • The fact that Hyphen Law are specialists in Deputyship was a huge help...apart from the financial help Paul has got the care he needs. They are a great support to me. It makes my life much easier knowing there is someone on the end of the phone who understands and cares.

    Hyphen law client

  • I have found the deputyship services at Hyphen Law to be of a high standard . Any queries are addressed in a timely manner and the solicitors that I work with are very approachable and client centred .They appear to have a good understanding of the issues being faced by the clients and are willing to work with me as the case manager to address them.

    Janet Cook, Case Manager/Occupational Therapist

  • The support that my son has received from Hyphen Law has been fantastic. At a time when there are so many things for us to think about, it's really reassuring to know that my son's property and financial affairs are being managed by diligent professionals who provide a very personal service


  • Following my work with Hyphen Law in recent years. I am always impressed with their dedication to their clients. I feel they provide a knowledgable and professional service yet are always personable and considerate to their clients needs.

    Jonathan Blake, Neuro Rehab Assist Service Manager, Krysalis Consultancy

  • Our case managers have worked with Hyphen Law for a number of years. Their approachable manner and expertise means that we can work together in the best interests of the client

    A Case Management Company

  • My deputyship has provided me with help guidance when needed and my affairs have been administered very professionally and courteously at all times.

    Miss A D